About Us

Frukt Coffee Roasters is a modern coffee roastery based in Kakola neighborhood in Turku. Seasonal coffee from small producers, transparent, traceable and tasty.

Dedicated to our approach on Specialty Coffee. We roast in small batch to ensure both freshness and quality. We go the extra mile to make sure the coffee is tasting as good as it can every time. We source our green coffee from great people who we trust and find forward thinking in the way they think of the coffee trade. 

Even if we are a small business we'd like to think that we can make a difference. Good tasting cup of coffee is the starting point. We focus on where we are in the market and work to elevate the status of coffee in Finland. We believe in quality over quantity. We hope to work in a way that will have a positive impact on the farm level as well as in the local market.

Samuli Pääkkönen / Owner & Roaster