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Kangocho AA

  • by Samuli Pääkkönen


A new release for the December 2020! Kangocho AA.

We are excited to share a small limited run of only a few roast batches of this coffee. It's a bold, fruity coffee with good sweetness and juicy mouthfeel and of course some big fruit and great aromatics of a good Kenyan. Fantastic cup! Really tastes like hot summer day squeezed into a cup in form of a coffee. With some vanilla like aromatic notes. So juicy!

Kangocho AA is produced by Kangocho Factory based in Nyeri region of Kenya. The neighboring small farmers bring their coffee cherries to the Kangocho Factory (washing station) for processing. Kangocho Factory is part of Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society.

This is our only release from Kenya this season. For 2020 we had a plan to buy a few different coffees from Kenya. We run into some trouble in the supply chain and they never arrived. With everything else going on, with Covid and what not, we ended up finding a small volume of only 60kg of this AA lot from Kangocho Factory from our friends at Nordic Approach

As much as we've loved sharing great Kenyan coffees like the ones from Kii and Koimbi in 2019, we hope that this lot from Kangocho would be an end of an era. Not that we don't like these flavors. Quite the contrary. We love Kenyan coffee. However, we have recently taken on a project regarding sourcing in Kenya. For next year we are searching to find a single estate or a single farmer from Kenya who we could partner up with and start working year after year. 

We are also looking forward to the option of working together with Long Miles Coffee Project who recently established a Washing Station in Kirinyaga, Kenya. We had some delicious Burundi coffee in 2019 from the original Long Miles Coffee Project in Kayanza, Burundi. You can read more of their new project in Kenya here.

Finding a more direct way to make an impact on farm level and find good connection with people producing coffee has been a goal for FRUKT. We've had a good start at that with producer groups in both Colombia and Honduras. It's safe to say that we are excited to take this approach to how we source coffee from Kenya as well.

But for now, let's enjoy this tasty treat from Kangocho for what it is. A great coffee from Kenya.



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